VIDEO: Unboxing & Features of the NEW Wilier Triestina Jena Gravel Bike!

wilier triestina jena gravel bike
Photo by Wilier Triestina.

Wilier Triestina – “Free to Choose”

wilier triestina jena gravel bike
Photo by Wilier Triestina.

JOM of the Gravel Cyclist crew unboxes and covers the features of the new for 2019, Wilier Triestina Jena. “There are no limits on Jena usability and to the available configurations. The span between frame / fork and wheels allows you to install generous tyres on 700c or 650b wheels. With 700c wheels, you can install tyres up to 44mm in width, and for 650b, up to 48mm in width, which is equivalent to 1.95” (tested on a Vittoria tyre).”

Comprehensive video review coming in the near future!

Wilier Triestina

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5 comments on “VIDEO: Unboxing & Features of the NEW Wilier Triestina Jena Gravel Bike!

  1. At this point in gravel bike evolution, any new Gravelbike with 700 wheels that doesn’t come with enough frame and fork clearance for at least 50mm tires (and 56mm/2.2in might be better) gets a big thumbs down. Needing a 650 wheelset to use wider tires is stupid and a waste. I’d want my new Gravelbike to have the versatility to use a wide range of Gravel tires, 35-56mm/1.4-2.2in, with the wheel it comes with, 650 or 700 wheels. Besides, you can’t have to much mud clearance.

    1. I echoed your sentiments seven years ago, and everyone thought I was an idiot. Moving on, we are starting to see bikes with more and more clearance for 700c and not a pile of compromises.

      1. Jom,
        My 1st gen Giant Revolt 0 is running 700c x 2″ (50mm), Hutchinson Black Mamba’s with good clearance, funny how the new Revolt only takes 700 x 45mm…..Nope, they weren’t listening And NOPE!! YOU’RE NOT an idiot!

      1. In my mind, a Gravelbike is everything between a Mountainbike and a Roadbike. So a Roadbike with 30mm gravel tires is a Gravelbike and a short-travel (100mm or less) full-suspension Mountainbike with 56mm(2.2) gravel tires is a Gravelbike. Flat bars or drop bars don’t make a Gravelbike. Full-suspension, front suspension, full rigid doesn’t make a Gravel bike. Road geometry or mountain geometry doesn’t make a Gravelbike. It’s mostly about the gravel tire. So here’s my definition of a gravel tire. Any tire in the 30-56mm/1.2-2.2in width range that is designed to roll fast on pavement but also hook up well on on dirt.

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